4 years of experience in Candid wedding photography and Cinematography led to the Opening of  Wedding Jingles which is the brain child of Abhishek.

ABOUT Abhishek—He obtained a law degree but his ravenous passion for visualizing art and photography took him on a different path.He is thankful that his work allows him to pursue his passion for traveling and photographing what he see along the way. he has been documenting wedding days since 2012 and he have had the privilege of photographing ceremonies across the globe, from India to Europe And Asia. It’s a journey that has given him the opportunity to connect with incredible people worldwide, and share in the many different ways they celebrate.In addition to wedding work he is  into fashion and fine art Photography too.He did my masters in photography from SPEOS Photography school in Paris,France.His works has been exhibited in exhibitions held in Indian habitat center,Delhi, Paris and Arles(france).

Wedding Jingles is  based in Patna(india),Delhi and Paris.